Saturday Coffee & Dish – August 2016


There’s so much to talk about in July! Here are some of the highlights. We spent the 4th of July week with my family in Georgia and had a great time. We spent lots of time hanging out at my parent’s house, eating and playing Dutch Blitz. Have you played it before? It’s definitely a favorite of ours. I only posted one picture, but I think there’s a similar one from each day we were down there.

Dutch Blitz


One morning we made donuts and I think they loved them! Not that I was really worried, who doesn’t love donuts?!


We also celebrated my youngest sister’s 16th birthday with lunch and shopping at the outlets.


We went to see the laser show at Stone Mountain with all of the family – y’all it took 3 cars to get us all there. We had a blast and it was the perfect ending to our week.


Are you a hummus fan? I haven’t bought any in years, but a couple weeks ago our grocery store was giving out samples. As soon as I tasted it I turned the buggy around and went to get some!


Last weekend we had a work picnic and it rained…a lot. But at least our funnel cake didn’t get wet!


While I love summer and I’m not ready for it to be over, I am so looking forward to fall! Sweaters, football (let’s be honest I’m looking forward to football food), fall decorations and pumpkin everything! I have some great pumpkin recipes that I can’t wait to share with you!

There’s still plenty of time to try the Salted Caramel Ice Cream. There’s nothing like creamy homemade ice cream. Have you tried the Baked Ziti yet? When I was putting away my groceries I saw one in my freezer – it’s going on the menu plan for this week.

I’m setting some goals for August and they include decluttering, enjoying the end of summer, and baking with lots of pumpkin!


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