• 15 Christmas Treats

    Just because my house is full of boxes and there are no new recipes here on the blog doesn't mean that we can't enjoy all of the recipes that I've already shared. It's the 3rd year for Sam's Christmas Treats and I have a roundup of 15 recipes to help you plan your holiday baking!

  • Lofthouse Style Sugar Cookies

    What's better than sugar cookies that are ultra-soft, slathered with a creamy frosting, and topped with sprinkles! These are a delicious copycat for the Lofthouse cookies you can find at the grocery store.

  • S’mores Cookie Cups

    We’ve talked before about my love for S’mores desserts. Hands down they are one of my favorite summer treats!     Since we don’t have a fire pit in our backyard (we actually don’t have much of a yard) there are no toasty S’mores around the fire happening at our house. But I don’t let the lack of an outdoor fire pit get me down! I still love to make and eat S’mores and S’mores themed desserts!     How cute are these cookies?! I’ll warn you right now, these little beauties are only 2 bites each and that’s dangerous. You eat one and you think, hmm, that was so…

  • Caramel Pretzel Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookies

    How cute are these Itty Bitty Mini Pretzels?! When I saw them at the grocery store I knew they were coming home with me. Lol. (They remind me of the pretzels they serve on airplanes). I found them at my local Wegmans grocery store, but it looks like Target and Amazon carry them too!     So after getting these pretzels home I then had to decide what recipe to use them in. Of course, my mind went immediately to putting them in cookies with chocolate and caramel. I knew I needed a hearty cookie to not be overwhelmed by the pretzels, so I went right to these longtime favorites…