Coffee & Dish #17

January has been a long month and I’ve missed you! How was your January? I headed back to the gym and tried to go to bed early…a lot. Like really early. And I’m not going to apologize about starting off 2018 rested and refreshed.



Let’s start by talking about the Instant Pot. Do you have one? I got one on Black Friday and honestly, I was not sure about it at the beginning. But now I’m a couple recipes in and I’m hooked! It’s definitely going to become a regularly used part of my kitchen. Stay tuned for some Instant Pot recipes!




Speaking of the gym, we’ve had a gym membership for a couple years now and go pretty consistently, but I usually stick to an incredibly slow jog on the treadmill while I read or grab an elliptical and watch a TV show. But this year we decided to step up our workouts and I started a subscription to Apptiv. It’s a personal trainer app that gives me a personal workout coach with workouts specifically for treadmill, strength training, or stretching (and these are just a couple of the options). On their website they have samples of their workouts and you can also sign up for a free trial. I pay for my subscription to Apptiv and they have no idea who I am. I’m sharing because I’ve found the workouts helpful and think you might too.



If you follow me over on Instagram, you might have seen that I’m currently obsessed with Black & White Mochas! As much as I want to let my local Starbucks take all of my money (have you seen how much it costs for a seasonal latte lately??) It’s a little hard for my money saving heart to handle (and that’s something that Mr. Sam is glad about). I’ve been making them at home this month, it’s easier on my wallet and I can customize how much syrup I add. It’s a win win situation as far as I’m concerned.




I took advantage of the extra time I had between Christmas and NYE to read the books Mr. Sam got me for Christmas. He got me Emily Ley’s Grace, Not Perfection and Simplified Life for Christmas. Not only are her books absolutely GORGEOUS, they were enjoyable reads and had practical steps, like creating an evening routine and posting it somewhere you will see it. The first week I started my evening routine I was all stressed out that I wasn’t getting it done each night and the whole point of the routine was to get stress out of your life! I’m not calling it a fail, but my nightly routine is still a work in progress.



Reading over the holidays reminded me that I need to make time for reading in my schedule, so this year I made a reading list.Do you make lists of all of the books you want to read in a year? Mr. Sam has been making one for years and this year I decided to join him!  So far it’s a mix of business/blogging books and inspirational ones. I need a couple more books to add to my list…send me your recommendations!

Born to Blog
Everybody Writes

She Reads Truth



Have you planned tomorrow’s game menu, yet? The Eagles are playing and we are excited! Here’s the game day post I put together last year to help you out!


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